3 Easiest Ways to Download All Facebook Photos in Just One Click

3 Easiest Ways to Download All Facebook Photos in Just One Click


Facebook is the leading social network and photo sharing platform, having billions of users per day. Currently, it is the 3rd largest site in the world after Google and YouTube respectively. 

When we download a photo from the Facebook, it is very easy to download. Simply right click and save the image. However when it comes to downloading the entire album or all photos in just one click, then saving one by one photo takes hours of the hours. 

In this article, we’ll learn about the 3 easiest ways to download all of the photos of your Facebook in just one click.  

Download All Data from Facebook Setting

    • Log in to your Facebook account.
    • Go to “Setting”.
    • Click on “Your Facebook Information”.
    • Click on “Download Your Information”.
    • Click on “Create File” and download all data including Photo Albums.
How to Download All Facebook Photos

When you click on “Download your Information” you can select the entire data including messages, pages, profile information, videos, images, events, posts, comments, likes and reactions, groups, pages, apps, websites, saves items and much more. You can also “deselect all” data and select the particular information to download. 

Create iDrive Account and Download All Facebook Images 

    • Click here to create an iDrive account (if you’ve already, then only sign-in). 
    • Sign-in account. 
    • On the left bottom, select “Facebook Backup” and click to continue.
    • Create iDrive Account and Download All Facebook Images Download All Facebook Photos
    • Log in your Facebook account and click on “Continue as nadeem” button. 
Download Faceboo Photo Album using iDrive
    • Now click on a Facebook profile. 
    • Select the photos and videos, and then click the “Download” icon to save files.
how to download Faceboo Photo Album

Remember! iDrive offers only 5 GB free. To expand space, you will pay for the subscription. 

DownAlbum Chrome Extension 


  1. Download and install DownAlbum Chrome extension
  2. Once installed, click on a small icon on the right top of the screen, as illustrated in the following image.
  3. Open your Facebook photos album.
  4. Click the icon and hit the “Normal” button. 
  5. Press “Control S” to save the album. 

Down Album chrome extension is very quick and easy process. You can save your Facebook entire photo album in just one minute on your desktop. 

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