How can I increase my clientele using the Internet?

How can I increase my clientele using the Internet?


The evolution of the internet gives us the opportunity to advertise our company, our products or services very economically and above all very effectively. So while in the past the means we could choose for advertising were television, radio, magazines and newspapers, a deterrent due to the cost for small or medium-sized businesses, now everyone has the opportunity to advertise on the Internet according to the available budget, still and if it is too small.

In this article we will develop some ways of promotion using the Internet and Internet Marketing: Create a good site. A good site is a site that is user friendly (easy to navigate and easily finds what it is looking for), it is aesthetically pleasing but the most important thing is to have the site built properly so that it is search engine friendly. Advertise on Facebook.

The question “Why have a professional Facebook page?” has only one answer: “Because there are 4 million Greek consumers and 1 billion consumers from around the world !!”. So after creating a proper business page, use the ads on Facebook, which are very economical but also very targeted to communicate your company, products or services. Other Social Media for professional promotion such as Linkedin, Tweeter and Foursquare are recommended. Do Search Engine Optimization.

The results of the surveys are typical. 80% of users search the internet. 70% of users click on organic results (not paid ads), 75% of users never go to the second page of Google. All of the above show that if you have a site or e-shop it should appear on the first page of search engines otherwise it is as if you do not have it. So SEO is the work we do so that our site or e-shop appears in the top positions of search engines and is clearly the best investment you can make for your business. Advertising on Google or otherwise Google ads.

As in SEO, we choose which key phrases the user enters in the search engine we want our ad to appear. For example, if we have an online shoe store and want to advertise on Google, we should first look up what phrases our users and potential customers typically type in Google when searching for shoes. Then we link these phrases to our site and so we advertise on the internet very effectively. In other words, we advertise our products or services to those who are looking for them! This makes Google ads one of the most important and effective promotion tools. Send emails-newsletters to your customers.

By creating a nice email (it needs attention in the choice of the title to stimulate interest as well as in the selection of photos) you can inform about your news or offers at zero cost !!

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