How to present your products to the prospective partner abroad?

How to present your products to the prospective partner abroad?

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The steps one follows to present one’s products to prospective buyers (distributors – wholesalers – retailers) abroad are usually the following (The goal is to achieve the personal meeting, which has the most chance of success): Send a first email in which the reason for your communication can be described as well as basic information about your company and product. Attached should the recipient of the email find a short corporate presentation (4-5 pages), where you will present the basic features of your product.

Your site will be visible in a prominent place, where someone can contact for more details and information. It is important that your site presents your competitive advantages in the best way.2. Telephone communication or communication via skype.

The prospective salesperson should be well-prepared to answer quickly and clearly any questions that may have arisen from the corporate presentation mission. A more detailed and explanatory presentation of the products should have been prepared. Most likely the importer you are talking to wants to understand the features of your product to see if it would fit in their own portfolio. Emphasize what different you have to offer and why you believe that your product will be successful in the specific market, in the specific distribution channel, etc.

Use data from international market research, in order to look “read” and ideally present data from your own research, which was made to promote your product in this market. 3. Personal meeting. During the meeting you have the opportunity to build a relationship of trust and good cooperation. It is important to go to the meeting with a marketing plan that will be created for the specific market and for the specific partner.

The presentation of a complete marketing plan aims to convince your partner that choosing your own product means that it will help in promoting it in the market and therefore will “unravel” faster.

Follow the tactics followed by large companies by presenting a marketing and internet marketing plan that will aim to make the product known to the consumer (brand awareness) and at the same time direct it to the specific points of sale of your partner.

For example, you can present to him for the month of May a campaign on your facebook page which will target only the consumers of a specific city in the country you are talking about (facebook has incredible targeted advertising capabilities at extremely low cost) with the aim of brand awareness and at the same time you will do Google Adwords by advertising your product or offer and mentioning your affiliate store or site or e-shop for information.

The above actions, which will be done by you in the country you are targeting (even at a very low cost) will show your partner your intention for a serious investment in his market and will definitely make you stand out from the competition.

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