How to promote your products on Facebook

How to promote your products on Facebook


There is no doubt that Facebook is the most popular network in the company of social media. That’s why companies around the world use it to promote products to consumers. There is no doubt that Facebook is the most popular network in the company of social media. That’s why companies around the world use it to promote products to consumers. But how do you reach customers through Facebook and what are the best ways to promote your products? Apart from posting your own products – which can easily get tedious – there is a lot more you can do.

How to promote your products on Facebook Recently, businesses have begun to realize the value of content coming from the users themselves. Even though your fans are waiting for you to promote your products to a certain point, they do not want to constantly see boring photos of your products on a white background. The best advertisement for you on Facebook is for your customers to post content related to your company or products. However, not all companies are “Starbucks” and getting promoted by your users is not always easy.

A good way to get started is to run a contest that asks participants to post material related to your company. You may want to ask them to take a photo with your product or use a hashtag to participate. the thing that will also help is to add social media buttons to product pages to encourage your visitors to share your products with their online friends. Extra tip: Users are always more likely to post something when they think something good will come out of it.

Consider associating your brand with a campaign for a good cause, ie of a charitable, animal-friendly or environmental nature. Gaining new customers through organic appeal is like a feat. Fortunately for you (and Facebook), the social media giant gives a lot of opportunities for advertising and a lot of targeting options, so that businesses reach the most relevant audience.

Advertise your products on Facebook and keep in mind that it is always better to advertise something specific than the general one as you can thus better target the audience based on their interests and needs but also to project a more specific message.

Extra tip: It is also important that your ad sends to a page that is completely relevant to what you are advertising. For example, if you are promoting a new mobile model, then your ad should not be sent to your mobile category page but to the specific product page or landing page dedicated to that product.

How to promote your products on Facebook Admit it. You too have spent the night watching telemarketing and watching with great interest this machine that you are sitting on and that makes you a six pack, you were tempted to pick up the phone and order it. Not a shame… There is something consumer-friendly when you see a product in use.

You feel that you could be this gentleman who with a few euros made his life so much easier. Of course we do not mean you to do telemarketing. However, by creating creative videos or photos that show people using your product you can easily show its benefits to your customers. Even with your mobile you can create a simple good quality video and post it on Facebook. Get users to interact The interaction of users with a post of yours is very important to you even if it does not… seem to it.

A comment or alike by a user can bring many more potential customers. Here are some ways to get users involved with you: a photo shoot though fun. In the National Geographic example above, the post gained 20,000 interactions in 47 minutes. Ratings play an important role in consumer purchasing decisions.

The internet has made it very easy for anyone to express their dissatisfaction or satisfaction with a product or service and users trust these comments to some degree. Pay attention to the evaluation of your business on Facebook and ask your fans to evaluate your Page. You can do it with a post, on your website, in the email with the purchase receipt etc. without becoming pushy.

Social media is one of the points that consumers will look to to learn more about your business and ratings give an indication of your company’s solvency.

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