Is Social Media Advertising The Key To Increasing Your Sales?

Is Social Media Advertising The Key To Increasing Your Sales?

Social Media is more than just posts and likes. They are an essential part of a company’s communication strategy, whether it has an e-shop or distribution exclusively at physical points of sale. Professional social media pages are the most direct and effective way to present your business news, “build” trusting relationships with your customers and increase the popularity of your brand. But if you do not use the advertising opportunities provided by Social Media, then you lose their basic comparative advantage.


Social media ads allow us to successfully target our audience and often at a fairly low cost. We turn this audience into “friends or followers” of the page and continue to present our news to them. The ads are made both on Facebook and on his “little brother” Instagram through the specially designed advertising management platform, Facebook Business Manager. Let’s look at some of the main reasons why all well-known brands choose to advertise on Facebook & Instagram.

1. Advertising is cheaper and the cost is completely controllable. The available budget is placed from the beginning. The more money you put into advertising the more people will see it. Specifically, the cost per click can be € 0.0001 (from the cheapest if not the cheapest on the internet!) Depending on the purpose and type of advertising, the audience that will be selected and how attractive the art is of the publication.

2. Advertising on Facebook has an effect. According to research conducted by, Facebook has the best ROI (Return On Investment) of all Social Media at 96%.

3. Your customers (or potential customers) are on Facebook. More than 1 billion users worldwide and one in two Greeks have a Facebook account and spend an average of 40 minutes a day there.

4. Facebook has a lot of information about its users (a topic for which its founder recently “encountered” several difficulties). So by advertising there you can benefit by targeting those who are most likely to become your customers. The platform allows us to identify criteria such as age, gender, place of residence, job title, industry, marital status and interests. We also have the ability to filter the audience based on behavior e.g. Online shopping. Another targeting option is to use “lookalike audiences”. These audiences are made up of users who are very similar to the existing audience that one has (eg to the friends of the page etc).

5. On Facebook we can do re marketing. Facebook gives us a pixel, which we place on our site or in our eshop and then we can “spy” anyone who has entered our site and show our ad to him. It is a very effective form of advertising, as the user sees again and again, the products for which he has already shown interest and is much more likely to look for and buy something that is already familiar to him.

6. Ads also appear on Instagram Instagram is growing rapidly and is a favorite destination of Greek users to see brand news, watch their favorite Influences and upload their own photos. Through Ads Manager we have the ability to advertise on Facebook & Instagram at the same time and Facebook does the optimization, ie it shows our ad on the Media that will have the best performance.

7. Grow your business by advertising on Instagram. Your customers or potential customers share and discover what they love on Instagram. Is it possible that you are missing? Enhance your business visibility, increase customer base and share your story with an extremely active audience. How will you achieve this? But of course with advertising! Create your own photo, video, alternating image and storytelling campaigns. Advertising on Facebook & Instagram is an integral part of a company’s communication strategy. By targeting the right audience you can achieve your goals at a low cost and attract the customers you really care about.

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