Some basic SEO terms,

Some basic SEO terms,

Chinese! Although SEO sounds like a very “technical term” and seems almost impossible to be done by someone mortal (from someone who is not a web expert) in fact it consists of only 2 techniques: on page seo (there you really want a technician-developer) and off page seo (you can do this yourself even if the only connection you have with the internet is your personal Facebook page.) In this article we will not give instructions on how to do off page seo ( it is easy but it is not learned through an article…). We will analyze the terms that we now see very often mentioned around SEO.

1. SEO Search Engine Optimization. These are the 2 above techniques (on page & off page) which are done on the website during its construction or later (by developer or seo expert) and outside the website, in the wider internet space by seo expert or by you (after training ).

2. SEM Search Engine Marketing: includes: SEO and Pay-Per-Click campaigns in search engines. Pay per click campaigns are the ads we see when we do a search. The main difference between SEO and Pay-per-Click is that the first one you do once and it lasts forever (it also requires a “maintenance”) while the second one lasts as long as the money you have invested from the beginning (hence pay per click – every time they click on you, a sum of money is deducted from your pocket).

3. Keywords These are the words that users put in the “search box”, ie it is what users are looking for. Search engines show the search engine the web pages that they consider most relevant to their search. So it is important to work during seo, to correctly define the keywords that you will link online to your page (off page seo).

4. Back links Links that lead to your page. Most seo experts will agree that creating back links to your site is of paramount importance. Back links should be quality and include the keywords you are targeting. To learn how to upload your page to search engine results (Search Engine Optimization) but also how to properly handle Social Media (Foursquare, Facebook, Linked-in) register for the A bit of Greece seminar which takes place in Athens ( 30/9), Thessaloniki (5/10), Larissa (6/10), Heraklion (12/10).

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