How to promote your product in Greece and Abroad using the internet

How to promote your product in Greece and Abroad using the internet

The widespread use of the internet is now undisputed, which is why companies have increased the resources they invest in the internet. The message spreads fast, the cost is controllable and I can target exactly the audience I am interested in anywhere in the world successfully

Especially for small companies, which do not have the financial capacity of a complete campaign that will include traditional media, knowledge of Internet Marketing tools is essential.

Here are 4 rules to improve your online presence, increase traffic to your site and turn your site visitors into customers.

1. Your site is your online “shop”

A potential customer may never know you, but they will be on your page. The goal is to find what he is looking for and to get him interested in learning more about you and your product. So it is important that the site, from a technical point of view, is fast and has an understandable structure. The user will not spend much time with you, he should be able to easily find what he is looking for. A picture is a thousand words, so the photos on your page must be high resolution and show what you have to offer in the best way. Use multimedia as well as Plug ins (easily found on the internet) to create a more “lively” and interactive environment. Due to the large increase in the use of mobile phones and tablets, make sure that your site adapts to these devices and makes it easier for users to explore it (responsive theme). Finally, handle your page, as you would with a physical point of sale. Texts and photos need to be updated at regular intervals, offers and incentives for visitors.

2. Search Engine Marketing

SEM includes paid ads (Pay per click) as well as search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization is the first step you need to make to make your website known. It’s just as important as having a site, or else your site does not appear high in the search results as if you do not have one. The importance is great as you have the opportunity to present your product to users who are looking for exactly what you offer, at the moment they want to buy it! Statistics say that search is the number one cause of traffic to sites as well as that 75% of users never go to the 2nd page of results. So either your site appears on the first page or it is as if it does not exist! SEO is done with technical work on your page and off page (on page & off page seo), while you have the opportunity to appear on the first page of Google, in any country of the world you decide to target, choosing the appropriate words or phrases- keys with which users in each country search for a product like yours.

TIP: It takes time (2-6 months) for optimization tasks to work on the machines, while connecting Google webmaster tools you can monitor the progress of these tasks and make the necessary corrections.

3. Email marketing

The most economical and direct way to inform your potential customers about your services, your products and your offers. The key is to have users’ emails and the best way to get these emails is for users to give them to you on their own! So it is important that your site has a prominent place, a place where the user can register to be informed about your news. Usually in order for the visitors of your page to give you their details, you should also offer them something … a discount for the next purchase, an informative e-book that they will be interested in, etc.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media is now the favorite advertising vehicle of all large or small companies. With Facebook holding the lion’s share of user preferences (over 1 billion users worldwide, over 4.5 million Greek users), brands and companies have the ability to connect with fans and communicate their messages in a highly targeted way. . Professional social media pages, in order to have the desired result, must be handled … professionally. Frequent Posts (facebook edge rank algorithm requires frequent notifications for our page visitors to see us), interesting content to interact with users (to do Likes, shares, commends), offers and contests and of course crisis management, when they occur defamation issues.

In addition to the above, there are a number of other projection actions-p Internet marketing that leads to increased traffic and ultimately sales such as banner advertising on targeted sites with high traffic, On line PR (public relations), Article marketing (creating articles and publishing them on your site but also on other sites that will show interest etc).

But the most important thing to think about is exactly which consumers it is aimed at, to define them as accurately as possible (country, age, financial status, educational level) and to coordinate all its actions in order to present to them what they are looking for. and are willing to buy.

Good luck and Good sales!

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