ow to promote your product in foreign markets

ow to promote your product in foreign market

The means of promotion that the company has at its disposal in the foreign markets are in general the same as in the domestic markets. These are:

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Advertising: special attention should be paid to the selection of appropriate media that will have an impact on the potential consumer

Promotional material: material that has been developed and distributed in the local market may need to be modified both in terms of its design and the texts contained in it

Email: Sending messages directly to potential target customers can only be done aftermarket experience and effective market research.

Personal visits: Personal contacts with potential customers is probably the best way to promote. In many cases, this also depends on the business culture of the target market

Participation in exhibitions: participation in exhibitions, in addition to promoting products and business, also contributes to getting to know the market and competitors. In case the participation in an exhibition is difficult, only the visit of the entrepreneur in the exhibition is enough.

Business website: every exporting company must have a website for advertising purposes and to contribute to the service of foreign customers. However, it is necessary to monitor and constantly feed it, so that the information contained is up to date. The goal is not just the existence of a website but also it’s frequent updating, as a website with out-of-date information can do more harm than good to a business.

The Hellenic Investment and Foreign Trade Company SA – Enterprise Greece, as an official state body, organizes the Greek participation in selected International Exhibitions abroad (about 40 each year) in various sectors such as food-beverage, consumer, construction, industrial and It also organizes business missions to target countries as well as invitations to foreign buyers. For information – information:

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